ALFA Sp. z o. o.

ALFA Ltd is a military and defense products import-export company established in 1992, which conducts its activities in environment of Polish military and law enforcement structures, Polish defense industry and selected international partners. Our main offer is a wide spectrum of defense products: from basic combat-proven tactical equipment to advanced high-tech technologies, which change the reality during counter-terrorist operations. We offer armament, from small arms, anti-tank weapons, through air defense systems, to main guns of navy vessels, as well as modern battlefield data collection and visualization systems. The other branch of our offer is military and police training. With our instructors being former officers of Polish elite military and police units, we offer a full spectrum of training for a soldier / specialist, as well as for functional teams and staff. We are capable to organize and conduct training and specialized courses in other countries – we already accomplished such projects. Our company offer is directed towards Polish and other countries’ governmental agencies, including military and police, state intelligence agencies and other law enforcement organizations. We have successfully offered our products to selected foreign customers, including our long-lasting South-East Asia business partners.